Sunday, May 03, 2009

This post is just for me. 

I am here for one thing, one thing only. 

I am here to figure it out best I can, find what I am good at, and seek my path. 

For me, it's about deliciousness. 
Pleasure in being is maximally subversive. If people believe in, and are at home in, their bodies, they don't need imaginary beings and delusional principles to live by. 

I've been a train wreck since birth. Bodywork has brought me back to a kind of pre-birth optimism, honed by the fighting spirit of a body roughly handled, from its first second of existence. No one can hurt me, as much as I was hurt in my first hours of existence. I was born addicted to nicotine and possibly alcohol. 
And I was easy & lucky.
Learning to live as more than a train wreck, learning to not rely on pain and anger, has been the trick for me. Learning and appreciating that I AM the lucky one, that I get to pay attention and make changes, this keeps me active and participating. At the same time, I realize that I am over-activated, and need to take time to gather information and not just react. I might do too good a job of that. 

It's about the principles:

Mutual benefit
Maximum efficiency
Mutual courtesy

For me, it's about these things. 
In that order. 

For me. 

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