Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It was Patsy Klein, who figured it out. 

We are Crazy. 

Like Teddy Thompson, looking at his superstar dad who has made his living staying up late and singing.. 

We all think, we should be so lucky. 
Richard T, knows he is not so lucky.  He knows he worked like hell on the guitar, fell to some place he would really scratch his own head about, and now the rest of us think we can take a nap if he's on the air or the sound system. 

Quite the opposite.. this one is still Paying Attention, and we should too.

Sophie Hawkins did some crazy things with situational sound. 
The people who had to step into "Damn, I wish I was your Lover"had some serious game to play. 

Imagine having your skull spun around its axis, for six years Try to figure out where you are, when no one will give you a point to fix on. Try to build a career on that. 

Despite six years of trying to orient to Germany, you end up on the NE coast of the US. 

Welcome to my world. 
Despite probably the most apt and willing welcoming committee this side of a full-on Welcome Wagon, I'm still marooned and paddling for my life. 

I am not afraid, and I can swim. I can even wait. 
I am looking for a direction to swim into. I need a line of attack. 
I am, after all, a military orphan, whether I like it or not. 
Don't hate me, don't excommunicate me, because I have been in this service. 
I will never devalue the service of anyone, in any service, because we are all here, together, and we cannot know the ways in which we can help one another. I have personally defied, and complied with, every meaningful order, to help other human beings. I will continue to do so. 

We must simply try. 
I don't think that's crazy. 

Not helping others, is crazy. I choose to help.

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