Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so who in their right mind would reject research findings, proving what they do, effective?

My colleagues, that's who. Some of them anyway.

You know, as much as I support professional openmindedness, I just find this plain STOOPID.

I will inform myself, and I will make my own choice.

Every competent bodyworker is thinking this, if they are reading me.

We are dealing with generations of the Politically Vested, the Non-Present.

The research has blown it all open, we have only to Pay Attention.

The thing is, we have to change the total culture, to really succeed in bodywork in the E Coast.

I'm not so sure it's going to happen, to the level that people want to be successful.

I've been working at those "sub- successful" levels for years, but at some point, people need to pay off their student loan debts and other nasties.

I was never lucky enough, to even have to deal with that.
I am simply uneducated.
I am an autodidact. Through my own impetus, I taught myself about bodies, mine, yours, and our societies's.. now, it's your responsibility to teach everyone else.

I never had a chance.
I had help, I made what I had.
You can, too.
Work it out.