Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My colleagues seem unsure, about my willingness to stay in the USA. 

Sure, it's shaky. 
It's beyond shaky. If someone offered me a full time job as a Rolfer in Munich, I'd be there before the moon changed phase. Regensburg is a good second choice. We love Regensburg. 

I want a city, I want a country, where I don't have to own a car, and if I do have the resources to do so, I can drive the very best, as fast as I want... Porsche baby here I come. 

It's not a question my American colleagues can hope to understand, unless they trained in the great clear sunny halls of Nymphenburgerstrasse, got the support of that group, got the respect of that culture, where osteopathy is understood and appreciated, where people can touch people and the body is not a place of shame. 

The client standing in the class, with her bare and perfect breasts just a fact of nature, unhemmed and unhampered, is just another human being. 

I can't explain to you, the things we have to get past, to get to this level of practice. 
I bring it into my office, but unless you get on my table, you cannot understand what it is I have been given. 

We just have to get over it all, and get to the work. 
If we are not, on every level, about the work, we are failing Dr Rolf. 

Anything which stops us, fails her. 

Keep this in mind as you look at everything we do, and are not doing. 

End transmission.. sometimes I think her tyrannical & grumpy spirit shakes me like a wet cat. 

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