Sunday, May 03, 2009

"There's flies in the kitchen
I can hear all their buzzin', 

How the hell can a person
go to to work in the mornin'
Come home in the evenin'
And have nothin' to say?

To believe in this livin', is just a hard way to go
To believe in this livin', is just a hard row to hoe."

Fights within a family, are always the worst. 
I've been there, I've lived through death threats, and countered them, in person. In family.
It's a deep and terrible Trouble. 

I'm looking at another rift I fear, will drive a dear and beautiful family, apart. 
I'm sure there's nothing I can do about it. 
I'm positive the rationals and the intuitives will never find a common ground. 
I say that in despair, as one who is both. 

This is my rational mind speaking, as a rational who has spoken to intuitives, and found a kind of "ad hominem*" defense. I personally would never dispose of the intuitive approach, it's too valuable. I would seek only, to explore how it works. 
I do it, I AM it. 
I have dedicated myself to the rational deconstruction of my incredibly powerful intuition, in order to prove the validity of it. 
Everything that works, can be proven. Every worthwhile concept, stands any test, and is refined by testing. We only have to be smart enough to do it. 

Meanwhile, we must stop taking exchange of information, as personal attack. 

This is a rational approach. If X quotes research as saying the sky is blue, Y has to come up with adequately researched info that says the sky is, in fact, purple with green marshmallows, which 200 others have said they have also seen the purple with green marshmallows, before anyone with any rational perspective, takes it seriously. 
This is the rational world. It's a matter of rational consensus, not just that me and my friends have decided that the sky is purple today, and you have a dark shadow on your left hip. Hello, I have hip dysplasia, proven by scientific X-Rays. That feeds into the Ad Hominem argument, but I put up with a lot of moralistic bullshit about my self-image and my left hip being my female persona which was, let's face it, bullshit, because I have developmental hip dysplasia and I'm more comfortable in my gender identity than most US senators and most Rolfers. 
The scientific answer was a relief for me. My mother had a lot of scar tissue in her uterus from peritonitis, I was crowded as an embryo, and I have a hip problem. It's pretty common, if you research it. It's not my fault. It's not her fault. 

Belief systems which make it my fault, are not helpful to me. I have to do a lot of extra work around it already, because it didn't develop properly. My mom has tried to apologize about it, and I had to tell her it wasn't her fault either. I was glad to do that. We need to understand the physical world well enough to navigate it rationally, and not load our over-rational selves with any more guilt in any situation. Our goal in life, should be to dismantle guilt, because it is not functional. An extra load from the belief system, on top of any existing systems of physical maintenance, have not been helpful. 

The fact is, that we live in a rational world, and rationality is the rule the modern world plays by. 
Keep in mind as well, that we are here to subvert these rules. 

There is a principle in martial arts, of Jyu, or yielding. 
This means you blend with the existing flow, in order to bring it to your own center. 

If we do not do this, we cannot compete for resources. 
If we cannot compete for resources, and people keep getting mutilated by surgical and chemical science, just because they will play the game, and we won't, what will we have accomplished?

Look at everyone who got cut, before they came to you, in your practice, and everyone who goes surgical or medical before they come to you, or look at the fact that they give up to the fact that life sucks, instead of getting great bodywork. Chemistry and cutting wasn't appealing, and they don't know about alternatives. This is the fault of the RISI, and a lack of public outreach and education. 

It's' the ones who won't give up, who come to us. 

We should learn from them. 
If we cannot, we will not survive. It's that simple. 
There are those of us, who don't care to go down that easy. 
A simple disagreement is no reason for extinction, unless you make it so. 

*Look it up. Educate yourself. Your intuition will only get you so far, and the rest of the way is just wherever you are looking.

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