Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anyone hoping to reach my by my posted email on this blog is SOL. Due to spammer infestation of Blogger, I will be shifting fire to my own web site. 

My address was stolen and spoofed by a spammer, and I had to delete it. Part of the posting lag here. I also have had trouble with password entry-- they want to send the confirmation to your email, and I've had to delete mine due to the ridiculous porosity of their system. 
I'm quite sure it happened from here, as, if you just use the Next Blog button, all you will find is porn spam sites. Blogger does crap-all to regulate this. 

Therefore, this is the last post you will read on this site. Leave a comment, and I will personally send you the new address. 

I'll check back about weekly. 
Complain to Blogger, if you were vaguely entertained by this site. 
Loudly, often, and articulately. 

I am a web designer with appropriate software, and I don't need Blogger's help, nor am I amused by being stuck in their format.  

Thank you, 


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling like a pack mule after too much trail dust and too few meals.
At the same time, I'm so overfed from San Antonio and Austin, that no real hunger pangs have visited me, today or yesterday. In fact, only mild self-medication has touched my psyche since the plane loped off the San Antone runway.

First of all, prices on the Riverwalk are egregious. Six dollars for a beer is a goin' to hell offense. Eight dollars for a margarita not involving fresh lime juice and premium tequila, is worse than egregious. It's a kick ya in the balls offense.

The Riverwalk is a scourge on Texas hospitality. The water is stolen from Central Texas and other locations, as San Antonio has long sucked their section of the aquifer dry with their Tourism Slut approach to survival. Sea World, Hemifair Park and other attractions, are fueled by water bought from Alcoa, dewatering idiot lignite mines, to provide the dirtiest, most polluting power possible for inefficient, hungry Texas water and energy markets.
I can provide links to back that up, if need be. Let me know if you want to see them.

We found some good jazz and nice people. We found stupidly expensive prices for average food and drink.
Boudro's was good, the best margarita on the RW and fair decent food. If I'm going to get ripped off, I prefer to eat well.

At the Sandbar on Pecan and St Marys across from the bus station, we ate well, drank well, dropped more than I normally care to drop even on car repairs, and didn't feel ripped off. If you love seafood so fresh you wanna slap it, and waitstaff and chefs that think for themselves and pleasantly surprise you with witty wine selections and probably the most original sashimi ever, go for it.

If you want to just get that same old mediocrity at Riverwalk prices, stay down there. Jazz fans can hang out at Cullum's and bitch about crummy margaritas and expensive beer.

The Menger is still a jewel. I made a remark about the place being "naff" where a manager could hear, and am direly afraid the dude will take action on that. Ain't broke, don't fix it.

Okay. All of SA is naff, that is, cheesy with Cheesy on. More Texan than Davy Crockett. You get it.
Now, the Menger was there before naff was naff. Therefore, it's naff-ness is innate... therefore non-pretentious, therefore cool. Like most good jokes, mystique is exploded in the tellling.

Meanwhile, ,stay in the Menger, adore the Sunday buffet and eat mango ice cream and mascarpone strawberry shortcakes for a bloody song, lounge where Oscare Wilde did, tip the hell out of the barkeep, amuse the staff and have a great time. Oh, and don't miss the lighted view of the horses, carriages, and that lil old mission/war shrine named after some fluffy big trees. Ala- something...

As long as America's screwing up in so many directions.. let's remember the ass-kicking we got at the Alamo.

Let's hope we can come back as well from it, or make a hell of a profit from our whining.

Boycott the Riverwalk on Mondays by taking the Purple Line VIA bus out to Market Square and have a three-dollar bucket of beer and MUCH better service at Mi Tierra.Many crafts, gifts and goodies available, cheaper than RW!

Food is perfect and also half price. Worth the walk or bus ride.
Give the Riverwalk the finger, go to Mi Tierra.

Thank you,
your friendly native Texan activist for decent prices and NOT RIPPING OFF TOURISTS AND BUSINESSPEOPLE!!