Saturday, February 07, 2009

The last post is about the garden and the ground.
This one is about the future. 

I am being pushed into politics. I would rather teach, and I have said so. 
The basic dilemma is.. politics shapes what gets taught. 
The organization I am in, faces huge crises, with survival of everyone attached, at stake. 

Pluperfect means, what has happened in the future. 
Gegrundet means, that it's basic and grounded. 

I think SI folks have been whored out, that we have sold ourselves cheap. That we have sold our profession cheap. 

I don't have a problem with massage therapy. I was an MT for years, and I helped a lot of people no one else could have helped. 

But this wasn't because of what I was doing. 

It was because of who I was (I don't take no for an answer) and where I was (the Army, my husband had connections to get people's attention when they tried to ignore me) It was because I never quit, and I wouldn't go away. I never gave up. They didn't, in the end, have enough time NOT to deal with me. 
That's how I won the contract, the respect, the changes, the reputation. 
I was constant, I was consistent, I called in power and I called in favors, and I called in retribution. People lost big chunks of their underwear when they crossed me. 

I was stuck there, so they were stuck with me. 

It's not about being happy.  (but it is)

It's not about being easy. (but it is)

It's about clearing out every obstacle to happiness, and easiness. 

For everyone.

So, let's not worry so much about WHAT, and instead pay attention to HOW. 
Let's not pay so much attention to WHOM, instead paying attention to HOW.

Do you get my drift?

We have been a miserable failure in terms of objective evaluation. 
We need measurable standards, instead of evaluating everything on aesthetics and subjective NON-ANALYSIS.

What bugs you about that?
How can you measure it?

There's the beginning of your analysis. 

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