Saturday, February 14, 2009

The earth starts to call me, when Spring starts to stir. 

We bought daylilies, berries and grapes today. 
Lavender waits in the kitchen windows. Rosemary languishes in a pot. 

Life is waiting, to spring into action. 

Meanwhile, I am learning to breathe deeper into life. 

Changes of this training are working their way into my bones, and I am flinging myself into transformation, as I do. 

There are times of chill, inconceivable terror and nausea.. and I waited it though, sweat running from me. Honestly, I don't know what it comes from. 

There are times when the dragon wants to lash out, and just trust me that I am sitting on her.. I never lash out as much as I want to. Perhaps that's the problem. 

Meanwhile all this navel-gazing gets pretty fucking boring. I need something to DO.

Spring is coming, the garden is calling me. The real world of earth, is so much more productive than the lint in my navel. Herbs for enjoyment, health and liveliness. Things to love & cultivate and grow, enjoy and participate in. 

Let us grow the grapes of optimism, energy and hope. 
Wrath has its place, but for wrath, the time is past. 

Spring is coming, the earth is fresh and hungry for life. I want to cultivate, to innovate, culture, nurture and adventure.  I want to collaborate, ferment and develop. I want to see things grow, I want to grow. 

"In creating, we are created"
(Marion Woodman)

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