Monday, January 28, 2008

Feeling like Yoda at low tide. 
Between figuring out what I can still do with my 2x separated shoulder, heel spurs, and stress levels that would send Oscar the Grouch to therapy, I find quiet joy in teaching. 

I don't want students to feel like a lifetime of injury and debilitation, is really necessary. 
I've drawn some short straws, made some bad decisions, and had some bad luck. I can still draw, cut, and get under a newbie's balance so that they pay attention. CG took it way more high-speed low-drag than most people survive, but he did. Now, he's paying the price. And I'm paying it with him. 

The facts are that I'm almost 40, I'm busted up and hamstrung by some genetic timebomb of heel spurs, and my left shoulder does not, and never will, work the way I used to, due to a bad fall. . Heel spurs are nasty things, keep you from walking around to keep weight off, while being perpetuated by extra weight.
In other news, I can't recommend ripping up your shoulder to anyone, who hopes to use theirs. 

If you ever wondered why your elders are so sardonic, strap several kilos of bricks to the small of your back, nails on boards to your feet, and drink a ton of chili juice. 
It does a number on your attitude. 

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