Monday, January 21, 2008

Just got back from Regensburg, where cg's in the klink- er, klinik, again. I'm just glad we still have Black Beauty, our BMW 523i that we (DAMMIT!) have to sell before we leave. She's a 1998, but Very Well Preserved. 
The inside is all black leather and burl walnut, and the outside is all sleek black speed.
 I'm hitting 180kph smoothly except for the odd wind gust, and it takes some serious breeze to move Beauty. Well, that and the idiot truck traffic the German Autobahns are currently clogged with. So I make the 100 kilometers to Regensburg, and back, traffic allowing, in about 45 mins. I could never do that in our little Honda Element (2003) that we just got as a US specs car to bring back. The BMW also gets about a third again the gas mileage. At speed, even. I coast, rather than brake, and drive as far ahead as possible. 

The detached retina is lasered back down, his eye is full of some kind of gas to keep it in place, and he has a new acrylic lens in his eye to replace the cataracted old one.  A hip replacement, cataract surgery, and he's only 50. Unbelievable. I'm just hoping that he's kind of "getting it all over with" and can enjoy his next half century some. 

Fortunately, despite some crumbling edifices, this man has the heart (albeit arrythmic) of a giant. 
He also has a little Aussie cattle dog to nip and herd and take down anything, he might happen to miss. 

One of the nurses, after getting my lecture about him needing to take his meds for the Reiter's Syndrome, along with anything else they decided to toss in his system, agreed that I was the "Shaferhunde" this is the nice black and tan race of dogs we get from Germany who organize our lives, sniff our luggage and patrol yards everywhere. 
Protection dogs. 
Hm. I identify most with the quirky, stocky cattle dog (they have a bit of Dingo in), but CG is probably more on the line of a timber shepherd. Or possibly a Rottweiler, because they are basically giant lap dogs... anyway, the partnership breaks down into its basic parts, as we deal with crises. 

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