Saturday, January 12, 2008

We're looking at where we are headed. 

 Back to the USSR.. no, wait.. the USA. 
If you have to deal with the TSA, no diff. If they want what you got, they take it. Some association of kleptomaniac smokers and drinkers got a government contract. All the booze, lighters, tweezers, nail clippers and pocket paraphernalia you can snag! All that, and gummint bennies! Woo! 

So, once we pass the hazing gauntlet of the TSA, we can "come home". After we endure the subtle taunts about spending so many years overseas making us traitors. No, really, I've gotten that. 
Gee, supporting the troops by leaving home and everything we knew, our language, our culture, our family, is treasonous? better take that damn magnet off your gas-sucking, blood-letting SomewhatUselessVehicle. 

Nevertheless, we have loved our time here. We leave the garage unlocked, and if we space out, and leave the garage open, nothing goes missing. We never worry about being mugged. Today we got excellent German black beer for about 20 cents American per bottle. People are pathologically honest. When the Euro first came along, I watched older Germans helplessly open their purses to the clerks in the stores, who would expertly pick out the correct payment, and just as expertly drop in the correct change. 

So, now we go back to the land of drivers who can't successfully pick their own noses, much less steer machinery, and a populace as apathetic as it is starved of honesty.. 

Would YOU be thrilled?
We're not. 

Oh, did you get the news flash about the US trailing just about Every Civilized Nation in terms of health care?

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