Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a game we call Fantasy Destination. 

CG finds jobs around the world, applies for them, and we imagine what it would be like to go there. 
Kwajalein remains a favorite fantasy destination. 14 miles of volcanic atoll in the middle of the Pacific. Morale trips to Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. Darn! Now that I know you can eat coconut crabs, I'm psyched. :-) Not great for my career, but I'd have time and space, to paint/draw/etc. Learn to scuba, spear-fish, and live off the sea, as I've always dreamed. 

We're waiting to hear about an interview he had with a place in Maryland. It sounds like a nice little town, not too close to DC madness. Once again, plenty of crab to be devoured, here! The nice thing about this location is its proximity to mountains, oceans, and worldwide travel. It also seems like one of America's last walkable, bikeable cities, with farmer's markets and maybe even a possibility for me to garden a bit. 

My wish, outside these two plums, would be for Idaho Falls. 
It's right at the toes of the Rocky Mountains, an area I have loved since I first set foot there. Of course, any Texan sets foot somewhere they can sleep under a blanket in summer, they love it. 

For me, leaving home was like being ripped apart by my dreams. 
I'm strongly oriented to my family, I'm very close to my parents (close as I can be over the Atlantic) and am very fond of my brother. Unfortunately, for them, the planes only fly one way. 

Until they understand, that the planes fly both ways, the understanding will be tragically one-way: all on me. 

So many things, in my life, have been all on me, that this is not a surprise. 
I am the first in the family, besides Alice Shaw (google her, she's interesting, though her sister Clara, my grandmother, was disowned in Shelby County for marrying a dreadful Irishman, John Dolan) to travel. My father has a collection of postcards from "Aunt Alice". 

I also married a Charles, of a major family. 

Was it wanderlust?

No, not specifically. 

More a shared dream. 

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