Monday, January 19, 2009

My President is an American.

Like me, he has a background he can only trace up to a point.
Unless you have lived in the same European village since your ancestors discovered underwear and stopped decorating caves to go out and indulge in agriculture and animal husbandry, it may be hard for you to trace, as well.

Finally, I'm getting the guy I voted for.
You didn't think I'd vote for "Mr Nuvo Ranch" and his inbred band?

Mr Obama is, finally, a truly American president.
We are all immigrants (thanks Steve Earl) and to have someone who is a recent result of that fact, is a relief.

We all have our hopes pinned on this one man. It's like JFK was alive again. Of course the prayers of the paranoid, that he will not be shot down even on his inauguration day by some psychopath, simmer in my mind.

Honestly I could not give less of a damn about the man's skin color. And yet, it is important..
I am intrigued by this handsome intellectual. He reminds me of another man of color I respect and have great affection for. Mr PA wore his family kilt to our wedding (exposing lovely legs indeed!) and recited TS Eliot, my favorite poet, at our wedding. He's Canadian, so his nationality is a non sequitur in this subject, but he is someone I know, enjoy, respect, and just plain enjoy.
He is from "lots of different places".

That is the very POINT of America. We are a great cultural, genetic, intellectual, cultural, meeting and melting pot for all the world.

One of my favorite meals is scratch buttermilk cornbread with blackeye peas, collards and ham hocks.
It's always our first meal of the New Year.

My father was raised a poor black child in East Texas, until he realized that he was being raised by the household help and wasn't actually black. I spent more time with my grandmother's maid "Jessie Mae" than I did with my grandmother, sitting in the kitchen listening to her and watching her cook. Her fried chicken is still some kind of icon in my mind- ambrosia even straight out of the fridge after hours of fruitless dove hunting with Dad. She was treated well and with respect by my grandmother and the whole family, and obviously made a good living for her family.

My President is an American.
Here, we are interested in what is between in your ears, and what is under your sternum.

My skin, your skin, his skin, this is just decoration. I am interested in this man who welcomes conflict. I learned in the office of the late great Dr Robert Blake, founder of Grid business theory, that conflict is the very sustenance of leadership.

I just hope we play better with the rest of the world (the world suffering from our top down economy) and we can get out of this world nanny position when everyone can play nice and stop supporting idiots and their territorial ambitions..

I'm ready for an institutional end, to that kind of idiocy.
I'm ready for an end to imposition of minority religious beliefs on population better served by scientifically based activities .

My President is an American, and we are not one colour.
We are a living continuum of race, culture, thought and opinion.
We are Americans.

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