Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Google Wants to Trademark Googling, no Other Trademarks Important

Google is failing miserably at its "Don't Be Evil" pledge. 
I practice a copyrighted form of bodywork (for humans, not for cars) for which I am obliged to use a Registered Trademark. 
Google came through with an exception for a substitution I came up with (R) but seems unable to come up with an exception for ®. 

I presume it's because of too many spammers substituting the ® for letters in Viagra, but any human who reads my ad will realize that I will never make as much money as that product. 

Google is participating in knee-jerk censorship of ads I am paying them to show!
Why not just charge 10 times as much for spam-related ads, and pay actual humans to read them?
One of them might actually read the organizational verbiage I sent to justify my use of ®... 

I did save the charts showing that I am paying about $1 a day for ads that are showing less than once per day.. 

Therefore, I ask you, dear businessperson:
Why should you pay Google for ads, when you can get the keywords right with your text, and register with search engines instead FOR FREE?

Oh, by the way.. AdWords is listed as a service with a ™... that seems to be acceptable. 

Change the motto to "Be Evil, it's Fun!" and get it over with, Google. 
Just don't expect me to let you pick my pocket on the way. 

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