Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm getting the message not to hide my light under the bushel basket. It's sort of embarrassing and amusing and I guess it's been coming for a while. 

I come from modest people. I come from a place where we've never been better than anyone else, and, when we were, we promptly screwed it up. 

I got an immense compliment from a trauma nurse, a great silver bear of a woman who could break me (yes, she makes me look dainty) in half in a moment. 

She pointed to me, she called me brave, humble and.. probably some other nice things. It was about a client I brought to the class, who needed the greater focus of the art upon him. He was paralyzed by pain, and now he is playing soccer with his kids. 

Nothing matters more to me about him, than that. I'm not working with him, but I did work to get him here. 

This woman is my client in the class, and I am striving to meet her. I've had some worthy opponents, and I am just glad to be working WITH this one.  

My inferiority complex, in the class, is gone. 

This is what J gave me, when she called me out. 

I'm good at what I do, and I try to be good about it. 
That's enough. 

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