Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'd love to say that the routine was that I walked to work and back, gardening in between. In fact, the weather has been disgustingly cold and icky, alternating between freezing rain and snow. I'll walk the 10-15 minutes to my office in this, but I won't ask my cg to do that, so I usually have him drive the car the 1.25 miles to his work.

The turbo on his artificial hip has kicked in (he is outpacing me on hikes again because I have gotten so GD fluffy!) and he can do it in half an hour. But cold is bad for those crunchy joints of his, so I actually encourage him to drive. 

Meanwhile, I just can't burn enough calories, walking to work. I have resorted to driving Chuck to work, hitting the machines, and then driving back home so I can walk to work! How insane is that? (insane like someone wanting to lose 6 kilos..)

This weekend I am attending the Advanced Training at the Claymont, so I had to load my stuff into the car anyway. Parking in downtown Fredneck is a total PITA, it's actually easier to walk. I parked way at the end of Baker Park by my office, and walked out there with lighter things before bringing the car around and over one-way streets to get the table, bench and other things in. 

It feels great to work out. I'm at my best when I'm in the gym every day. 
Good time to remember it, after a year of surgeries, injuries, and general crappiness. 

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