Thursday, April 02, 2009

The world was never my oyster. 

There it was, a round grain the size of a LeSeur pea on my tongue. 

Spat it out, rubbed the membrane off, well by damn, that's a pearl. 

Thirty years of eating oysters with enthusiasm, raw, fried, and recently, steamed, and never a pearl, unless I didn't notice it going down. I can tie multiple cherry stems, and do some things genetically limited to a very small percentage of the population, so I don't have a stupid tongue. 

It lashes out, when something happens, and I can't hold it any more. 

Sure, this hurts someone.. but I have to accept, that they weren't paying attention. 
It hurts like hell, to hold this line, to have people scream and hate and whine, but truth is truth. 
We have to hold it, when we find it. 
We have to have a learning curve leading to Truth, and rational thinking must be the goalpost. 

What other people think we should do, is rarely Truth. 
It's just convenient.

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