Thursday, April 02, 2009

I think luck has an engineer, and he's a bribeable sonofabitch. 
Fortunately, I never had the latitude to care. 
Survival leaves so few ways to complain. 

It's not convenient. Life isn't fucking convenient. I'm attending an advanced bodywork class this weekend, some good CEUs and good teachers. 

Someone offered a sweat lodge, and that sounded great to me, but women on their period are invited to "pray outside the lodge for the benefit of the ceremony" sorry , the benefit of the ceremony is in the mechanical function of the heat and steam. It's best for cleansing, which is, biologically, what menses are about. 

It's not about some sexist idea that women who are on their period are either not pregnant or not senior enough not to bother with it, can get a sweat on. High temps are far more dangerous in the first trimester. HellO!

Seriously, the magical thinking in this community just irritates the fuck out of me. 

When we build the steam room in our basement, anyone who can fit in, can participate. They just have to be naked. Towels welcome. Clothing forbidden. Ashamed of your body? not our problem. See a psychologist.  Steam is enough to purify anyone. Honesty will do the rest. 

If you are thinking magically, sit outside in the snow and rain, and pray yourself some fucking steam. And fuck off, while you're at it, especially if you're a sexist fucker. 

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