Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long and weary, clay stone dreary, 
here we are. 

He would fly, and so would I, 
into a world free of things we think we need. 

I tend to think of roofs and baths, 
not a few books, blankets, movies and that's just half. 

The things we need, they don't go with.
The things we need, are in the place we are standing, 
wherever that might be. 

Running from problems, pretending they don't exist, 
temporary forgetting is
No solution. 

Problems are problems, until they are not. 
There's that sustained effort, not running away or pretending thing. 
Ignoring is pretending, forgetting is pretending, inaction is pretending.
Pretending does not work on problems. 

I would rather know that I was fucked, 
than pretend I was not. 
I would rather expend energy to do something about it, and make sure. 

That's the difference between he and I. 

So I'll stay where I am, fucked or not. 
I can deal with it, where I stand. 
I don't run, I fight, I strategize, I survive. 

I'd rather fix it for myself, than rely on someone else. 
I am a creature of root and stone, I need the earth. I can only fly for so long.. 
Sure I can wander, sure I can migrate, but life is chaos enough
without inviting more. 

I'd like to take the time
to see some gardens grow
in the ground, and in my life. 
They don't grow quickly, and impatience is poison
in the garden. 

Too much fiddling kills a fire, fast. 

I'm tired of not being heard
I'm tired of not being remembered
I'm tired of not having time to grow. 
I know, I should TAKE time to grow. 

It's the same old problem and
I wonder if it's generational or if
men just cannot hear women
and don't listen to them
and never will?

Roots and stones.. 
One wraps around the other
together, we are the earth
pulling in different directions. 

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