Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes, David, it was your idea. Wish it had worked out that way. 
But here we are. Different "we" different continent, different direction entirely! 
It suits me far better, though. I find myself fluid, even in stress. 
Wouldn't say no to a week or two on Malta, though! 

When CG had to have the retina repaired, there was no way I could leave and strike out for Texas. Retina reattached, new lens in place of the old cloudy cataract, CG is well on the way to healing, but he still can't see to drive. 
Bavarian winters being what they are (excruciatingly cold and wet) our scant 5 miles into post needs to be driven, and he can't do it. 

So, I can't leave. 
It's better this way. 
I go in and teach class, and he fixes wonderful dinners. 
I feel a bit sheepish.. I teach your class AND you fix me dinner? how the hell did I ever rate THAT?

He kisses me, and he's happy, and he's a wonderful, wonderful cook. 

We're a fabulous team. 
I'm thinking its' better, not to break it up. For any time, for any reason. 
Besides the fact he's coming up with dinners no Asian fusion restaurant could match!

If the dream is shared, let us share the time together, as well. 
We don't do as well, apart... time will part us, soon enough. 

Let us have our time, our life, our fun and enjoyment.
As much as we can devour. 

That's my Valentine, for my cg. 

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