Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why are there more prescriptions for surgeries and NSAIDS than there are bodyworkers getting down to business?

Why am I asking this silly question? Maybe I'm tired of treating soldiers dealing with the aftereffects of surgical "fasciotomies". What's the recovery period for a "fasciotomy"? Six weeks minimum, I suppose. I've seen it for plantar fasciitis, and I've seen it for "IT Band Syndrome". Either one of these "syndromes" indicates overtightening of the fascia in a certain pattern.

If I thought that surgery was the best answer, I would be terribly enthusiastic. My husband currently needs a hip replacement due to damage in Army service. It's not something I can do anything about, and his pain recurs after either I, or my teachers, or even brilliant German physiotherapeutic technology have anything to do with it.

None of us are happy that our treatments have failed, but we all know that the best technology in the world is right here by Regensburg... If I have to turn my mate over to someone, this is the place for us to do it. I won't leave his side until he starts flirting with the Krankenschwestern, but until then, I'm a fixture.

Meanwhile, resolutions I have literally at my fingertips, take no recovery time and have real time results. I can reduce plantar fasciitis by separating and lengthening soleus and flexor hallucis longis fascia, and I can reduce "compartment syndrome" by separating and training the anterior compartment and the posterior one. No surgery, no recovery, I'm comparatively cheap as beer, and just as friendly.

I understand why I'm not referred to or on the Tricare preferred provider list. What I do does not make anyone money. Nothing any bodyworker does makes any larger company money, unless you belong to a large school or licensing committee. I have the National Massage Therapy and Bodywork Certification, which means I crossed the right Ts and toddled the correct I's. The only stockholder, in the end, is me. And I have faith in my work, I know it works, and so do my clients.

I'm still not making any stockholders money, despite having been here for about 5 years and having helped hundreds of people. God forbid I help anyone, without making anyone money besides for me.
Heaven forbid I make money by helping people. At the rate I'm currently helping people and making money, Mother Teresa would be asking for a refund.

Now, I've been working on the Tricare Provider thing for a while. I turned in a pile of my certification paperwork to Wurzburg. Well, the personnel there appear to be perennially ill and have no idea whatsoever about cross-training. If one person is gone due to illness, the rest of the office sits around wondering what this person does.

Yeah, my clients with real and painful problems can't get any problems solved, because the TriCare provider office in Wurzburg can't get cross-training. Furthermore, the local officials don't want to soil their hands with any of this kind of paperwork, and can't talk to the officials in Wurzburg.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do demos for local (German) orthopedic offices and volunteer organizations, (AWAG) I'm going to spank some bureaucrats or at least annoy them terminally, all so that YOU can get the best solution for simple physical problems.

Surgery sucks. Manual therapy is easy, and much cheaper.
Tell your insurance company, tell your doctor, tell your orthopedist, tell your surgeon.
If they have any questions, email me and I'll try to find them a good connection where you are, to a good manual therapist.

Knives aren't neccessary.
Hands are.

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