Saturday, April 28, 2007

Military life. Living in the belly of the beast.
I love being here but it's like living with someone who can't figure out which side of the door to go out of, but they own the house and don't charge you rent.

Furthermore, until recently, the refrigerator was locked shut on Monday and Wednesday. Oh, and sometimes some of the doors don't work. Just approximately whenever we feel like it. We call it FP (there's another meaning but for now it stands for Fucking Preposterous) so that you feel more patriotic when you are inconvenienced.

By the way, this exercise is to help officials who normally succeed only in holding their chairs down for years at a time, held in position by politics and spouse's job, make themselves appear useful.
Meanwhile, we're expecting approximately 10,000 more inDUHviduals within six months.

By the way (again) there will be personnel reductions to help deal with the extra bodies. That's right! Less people to deal with more people! How's that for strategy! Wow. Brilliant.

It's a lot like the Surge. It was going on before it got pitched to the public. People were getting deployed while everyone was arguing about it. Right. When do we install a Surge Protector, and we can talk about it before our friendsandrelations have to go dive back into the sandbox just because they wanted a way to pay for college or get ahead?
Have you taken a look at what's happened to college tuition, grants, and scholarships?
Tell me there's no draft.
Then stand still for a minute... I need a makiwara.

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