Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy on Richard Thompson's "persuasion"
I am in the spell of the Bavarian forest.

There is nothing like having this massive resource, just a quarter hour by walking or bicycle, from your front door.

There is so much there, from blueberries, to cranberries, to chanterelles, and just the experience of Being there..

It's like being in love with someone no one ever met or heard of. Well, that's my life in general, so no surprises.

My love is in the forest, and will remain everso.

My heart is broken, when I cannot be there.
I am in a place where the forest is at my toes, but I need a car to get there.
My life not being centered around a car, I am stuck in urban inanity..
and I have to find a solution.

Can't I just walk down the street, into the forest?
Can't I..?

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