Monday, June 22, 2009

During my times of trial, I lived on a steady diet of Sara McLachlan (I met her in person, she's wonderful) Me'shell Ndegeocello, Sophie Hawkins (more a Chuck & I thing), Richard Thompson, Patti Griffin, and Dixie Chicks.

You need some John Mayer: Vultures, Belief, Gravity, I'm Gonna Find Another You, Bold as Love)
You need a LOT of Richard Thompson: She Twists the Knife Again, Uninhabited Man, 1954 Vincent (just because it's wonderful)
You need Sarah McLachlan: Train Wreck, Stupid, World on Fire
You need Patti Griffin: When it Don't Come Easy
Nickel Creek: Reasons Why (the whole album is amazing)
And you need to listen to the Dixie Chicks sing Not Ready to Make Nice a couple dozen times.
Listen to Shawn Colvin's Get Out of This House -- as often as needed. Trouble, and I Want it Back are good too. Finish up with Sunny Came Home. She has a song called If I were Brave you might like.. what the heck, get A Few Small Repairs (the album).
Sting's Brand New Day is a great way to open your own new adventures.
KT Tunstall's Heal Over is a great way to have a friend sitting by you, when you need it.

I've felt orphaned more than once, and I've always found my way back home. You have, too.
My home now, is anywhere trees grow and grasses wave. Anywhere I can get something to grow.
I had to change my anchors drastically. I am now anchored to Life.

It's a very different experience, in every level.
I am acutely aware of the transient nature of every pleasure and pain.

I would not have any of that, if I had not gone through what you are going through, right now.
You never forget it.
It informs every single future moment of your life, if you are paying attention.

I think you can.
Chuck has never had the anchors you and I have, to have them ripped up and have to re-establish in a more flexible capacity. He never had the chance.. so the curses & cures run both ways.
Imagine if you never belonged to anyone, anywhere.

Me, I have a belonging and an identity, but it just orients me to my new experiences.
Most people can't even get that far.

It's truly terrible, and it runs to the core.
But if you can let go, if you can "weigh anchor" and "set sail" while still having the Ship of Self under you, the adventures are limitless.

It's a process, like so many. This is just your introduction.

This is Coyote life.

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